Patchwerks, Inc. is a multimedia and lifestyle production company

We create, market, promote , and acquire music, film, television, internet properties, mobile apps and lifestyle merchandise brands. We derive benefit through various distribution outlets and media resources.

Talent must be utilized if not, THEN it is wasted...   

Patchwerks’ founder and CEO, Bob L. Whitfield III, provides the leadership and creative vision for developing the company's various projects and bringing them to market. Patchwerks exemplifies a proven reputation for excellence.

We create beautiful, original and amazing things

With over 20 years in the entertainment industry, Patchwerks provides the highest quality of service and superior management that has equated to great financial success.

Individuals Working Efficiently Together

Patchwerks produces projects across several lifestyle industries while igniting sparks along the way!

The Catalyst Agents

A proficiency to perform ordinary tasks, at an extraordinary level, defines a continual pursuit for success. This pursuit is embedded in our discipline and dedication that exemplifies our excellence.

  • Our Mission

    We develop the culture and our projects push our partner brands. We build with ambition that pursues success from value gained with each acquisition.               

  • Multimedia Rights

    As a media rights partner, we provide innovation, seek opportunities and maintain the upward movement of our brand partners' financial potential.   

  • By Design With Intent

    We go beyond brainstorming; we commit to finding the right solution for the opportunity.  We bring ideas together to seamlessly deliver the desired outcome.

  • Product Innovation

    We listen better.  We deliver a fresh look at new ideas to bridge the gap in fundamental needs that provide operational success and the future advancement of the brand.

  • Superior Service

    Performing actions with extreme merit is a prominent feature of how we are disciplined.  We work hard because we know no other way!

  • Proven results

    We only know high-performance for our partners.  We provide the effective, high-touch management that maximizes economic growth.  

The Premier, Independent Multimedia Entertainment Company